20th INGED International ELT Conference

Engaging Students, Empowering Teachers


As we all know, the 20th INGED International ELT Conference is an online event due to the Pandemic.  In online events, instant communication between the organizers and the participants is becoming more and more important. Considering this fact, we have decided to use Telegram for communication.

There are two ways of using Telegram - as a channel and chat board. As a channel, we will broadcast announcements, updates and links for the Zoom sessions. As the chat board, the participants will be able to communicate with each other and ask questions related to the program, technical issues, and the software programs we use.

You can use Telegram on your desktop (Windows or MacOS) and on your mobile devices (both for IOS and Android). First you can download the program or app and then click our channel link and chat link.


We have two types of certificates in this event:


Certificate for the Attendees and Certificates for Speakers

In order to get Certificate of Attendance, please wait for the closing session. A link will be shared with the participants and you will be able to get your online certificate. If you miss the closing session but you joined the sessions, please contact us (sakayoglu@gmail.com), your attendance will be checked and your certificate will be sent to your e-mail.

As for the speakers, your certificates will be sent before Monday (November 8, 2021) to your e-mail addresses you used to register for the event.