20th INGED International ELT Conference

Engaging Students, Empowering Teachers

How to Register

The 20th INGED International ELT Conference will be organized in the format of plenary talks and concurrent sessions. There will be a virtual "Main Room" for the opening and closing sessions and plenary talks, and 5 separate rooms for the concurrent sessions. You can check the detailed conference program if you visit the Program page on this website.

You will be asked to register for the rooms for two days. As you can see below, you have to register for two days separately. Just click on the buttons for the Rooms and fill out the form. Then, you will receive a confirmation e-mail and you can find a clickable link in the e-mail. At the time of the session, please find that e-mail and just click on the join link.

If you have any technical problems, please contact us via Telegram. You can find the details of the Telegram Channel and Chat Room in our Contact page.

Important Note 1: The approved registration does not guarantee your participation in the sessions. The main room has 500-attendee limit and each room has 100-participant limit in concurrent sessions. Especially for the concurrent sessions, if the room is full, please try the other rooms. 

Important Note 2: The plenary sessions, opening and closing sessions and panel discussion will be in the main room so you have to register main room for two days if you do not want to miss them.

Day 1: 5 Nov 2021, Friday
Day 2: 6 Nov 2021, Saturday

If you would like to check our program while registering, you can see the following program booklet. You can download this booklet to your computer or if you click on the button          below, you can see the program in fullscreen mode.

Screen Shot 2021-11-03 at 23.58.15.png